Kathryn Carrington Icon Gallery

Many of these icons are available in matted prints in 5x7 and 11x14 inch sizes to fit in standard frames.
Please email the artist at kathryncarrington@comcast.net to inquire about any icon print you may wish to purchase. All of these are copyrighted work of Kathryn Carrington and may not be reproduced by any means without her written permission.
Click on any photo to see an enlarged version.

1.jpg 2-triptych.jpg 4.jpg
5.jpg 6.jpg 7-blackmadonna.jpg
8-crucifix.jpg 9-madonnachild.jpg crucifix-st_2.jpg
crucifix-st.jpg icon.jpg madonnaandchildtriptych.jpg
miracleiconofkardiotiss.jpg saviorofsouls.jpg st.jpg
thegoodshepherd.jpg thenativity.jpg vladamirmotherofgod.jpg